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Protecting Immigrants Through Asylum And Special Visas

Nuñez Law is here to help immigrants who need protection from violence or protection from the long arm of the U.S. government. We advocate for asylum seekers, refugees and other non-citizens in need of legal assistance.

I started my career in humanitarian immigration and that remains an important focus of my firm. If you or your family member needs immediate immigration help in the New York City area, call me today at 917-730-3172 for skilled and compassionate representation.

Experience With Humanitarian Immigration

You are scared and stressed. You don’t know your rights or who to trust. My name is Ginny Nuñez. I am an immigration lawyer in New York. I have helped women, children and men in their escape from dangerous situations by obtaining protection under U.S. law. Let me be your guide and your resource.

My humanitarian practice includes relief under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and other protections of United States law:

  • VAWA visa for victims of domestic abuse by a spouse who is a U.S.citizen or permanent resident
  • T visa for victims of human trafficking
  • U visa for victims of crimes or witnesses who can help the U.S. government prosecute crimes
  • Petition for asylum for people who have fled their home country to escape persecution or violence
  • Deportation defense for people who entered the U.S. unlawfully

I have advocated for immigrants who were physically, sexually or psychologically abused by their citizen or permanent resident spouse after coming to America. I have secured visas for people who were kidnapped, tricked or blackmailed into sex or labor trafficking. I have helped people file for asylum after coming to New York either lawfully by seaport or airport on a tourist visa or in their defense in immigration court proceedings. I will listen to your story and do everything I can to help.

The U visa, T visa or VAWA visa are nonimmigrant visas (temporary visas) but they do include work authorization and can later lead to a green card (lawful permanent resident status). Children and qualifying family members can also be protected.

This Work Is Important To Me

In law school, I was shocked and angry to discover that the United States does not provide legal counsel to unaccompanied minors. They’re children! That led to my first job working for a nonprofit organization that helps victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

That is where I learned the trauma-informed approach to immigration law, including extensive work in removal defense. As liaison to the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services on behalf of immigrants facing deportation, I gained value insights into the inner workings of the immigration courts and USCIS. I use that experience every day to fight for my clients.

Contact Me Today For Legal Help

Whether you have suffered at the hands of a spouse, were a victim of a serious crime within the U.S. or fled your country in fear, Nuñez Law is ready to help. My office is located in Manhattan near Penn Station. Call 917-730-3172 or contact me online. Se habla español.