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Securing Employment Visas For International Talent

People all around the world want to work in New York — The City That Never Sleeps. We are the hub of international trade. The heart of fashion and entertainment on the East Coast. A gateway to the Land of Opportunity.

Nuñez Law maintains a robust practice in business immigration. I help New York City employers grow their businesses by bringing in top talent from other countries. I also assist foreign nationals who have in-demand skills and abilities with obtaining nonimmigrant visas and employment-based green cards. Book a consultation today to explore my services.

Extensive Experience With O Visas And P Visas

I previously worked for an international modeling agency in NYC where I assisted the employer with securing O-1 work visas for talent from around the world. In my law practice, I am well-versed in O visas and P visas for all categories of extraordinary ability and achievement in the arts, sciences, sports, education and commerce. My clients have included:

  • Fashion models
  • Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Chefs
  • Journalists
  • Support personnel (coaches, agents, assistants, etc.)

O visas are more flexible and geared for extended work in the United States. P visas are usually for a specific event, competition or job assignment. I can help you determine which visa is appropriate for your needs and provide step-by-step guidance to gain entry and work authorization, including any necessary extensions or changes in employment.

Other Nonimmigrant Work Visas And Employment-Based Green Cards

Nuñez Law can also assist U.S. employers and foreign nationals with temporary employment visas in other categories, including:

  • E-1 treaty trader visas
  • E-2 investor visas
  • L visas for employees and managers transferred to a U.S. branch
  • R visas for religious workers
  • H visas for nurses and trainees
  • TN visas for Canadians and Mexicans with specialized skills
  • EB-1 and EB-2 national interest waiver green cards

Naturally, it is hard to be separated from your family while working in the United States. I also help foreign nationals obtain family-based visas for their spouses and children.

Making Business Immigration Easier

At Nuñez Law, we recognize that obtaining work visas can be an overwhelming process for employers and for international talent. My legal experience and familiarity with the sports and entertainment industries can help to ease the journey. I know the “alphabet soup” of U.S. immigration law — which visa to pursue and what documentation is required by the government.

My law office is located in Manhattan. Call me today at 917-730-3172 or use the email contact form. Se habla español.